I began teaching fitness classes in 1984 in the midst of the 80s fitness craze (remember the Jane Fonda Workout?). The classes were huge and the energy was high. My gym came fully equipped with a disco ball, leg warmers and, eventually, the thong (thank goodness that fad passed!). Through the years that followed I taught almost every kind of fitness class imaginable.

Now I love teaching Pilates, Stretch and a class of my own creation - The Bermuda Triangle™ which I developed based on the regular question from my participants, “What can I do about my waist?”, the question was so frequent that I thought it’s like a mystery for people: how can they change the shape of their body? Therefore, “The Bermuda Triangle” was born. I imagined a triangle, the top point starting at the chin and the bottom ending at the knees. In the class we work everything within the triangle and it really does work to bring your waist in!

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I enjoy my career in Fitness as well as a Photographer ( www.photoali.com ) and I finally took a leap of faith to pursue a lifelong secret dream to pursue acting (so keep an eye out next time you’re watching a commercial).

It is so clear when you’re around small children how natural and necessary it is for us to get physical activity. As every parent knows, if kids don’t get to run around, they literally start bouncing off the walls. I remember once when I volunteered in my son’s Kindergarten class: it was gym time; the class walked down the hall in a neat line, as we got closer to the gym, the children could hardly contain their energy. As soon as the teacher opened the door, they spilled into the room and ran and ran and ran screaming with excitement. The freedom they had to let loose and let their energy out struck me. But more so it struck me how we lose that as adults.

So the next time you’re feeling tired, down, frustrated, stressed, angry, uninspired, lost, broken-hearted or confused, find your inner child and go for a workout. Trust me; you will feel 100% better and you will have a new perspective on life. Or better yet, do it when you’re feeling happy and content and see where it takes you!

Exercise is therapy. It’s great for your body and it’s great for your mind.

While going through my very large over-flowing “fitness’ file, which contains over twenty four years of certificates, handouts, fitness information, etc, I came across an old faded print-out titled “Functional Fitness Appraisal” dated March 1, 1988. It was a comprehensive fitness appraisal and body composition testing I had done almost 20 years ago! Wow, I don’t think you ever get used to throwing around numbers like that, I still feel like I am nineteen. So I decided to have this appraisal done again, the 20 year anniversary edition, to see just how far I have come.  Here are the results:

Fitness Test Results:

Body Fat %
Lean Body
Body Fat
LEFT: Aerobic Function Test: you ride the bike while they test your lung capacity (they push you to your last drop, it was hard!)
RIGHT: I am being weighed underwater to find out my body fat percentage and my lean body weight (that is your body weight minus your fat)